Devos&Lemmens Andalouse - 300ml

Devos&Lemmens Andalouse - 300ml

Ref: ODDEL0013

The Andalouse sauce of Devos Lemmens is a sauce spiced (slightly prickly) ideal to accompany the chips, the steaks, the hamburgers, your grills, melted and gourmets,… in short all the meat dishes. Thanks to the subtle combination of tomatos, mustard and spices, this sauce remains one of most popular since years.

Vegetable oil, tomato purée, egg yolk, vinegar, syrup of glucose, water, mustard (vinegar, grains of mustard, water, salt, spices), lemon juice, sweetens, salt, flavours (celery contains), extracted from grass, thickener: , gum of guar and xanthane, grass, preservative: potassium sorbate, dye: caramel, antioxigene: E385

Energy value: 2344 kJ (560 kCal)
Proteins: 1,4g
Glucids: 8,2g
Lipids: 58g

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